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(Hi)ke 05: Post Fixture Analysis

Ten o'clock and the sun was trying to burn off the heavy morning mist that often dwells over Lady clough woods. As we grouped we all felt confident of good conditions; in the woods we were soon stripping back layers.

The route was boggy amongst the trees, the heavy rain the week before had reeked havoc. We slipped and slid our way in the direction of the moors. 

Bleaklow's large, heather strewn expanse is a stark contrast to the babbling brook side of Lady Clough. The name Bleaklow is very apt for the area as it can be extremely bleak. High and exposed; open for miles around, the weather can be seen rolling in on the horizon. That is exactly what happened as we approached the crash site of "Over Exposed". Waterproofs on we spent a while looking around before heading on to Higher Shelf Stones.

We turned back in the direction of home; heads down as we faced into the heavy rain.

The rain continued for most of the walk back making the paths extra slippy and the waterfall crossings even less enticing than they previously were. Despite this our group was in high sprits, wooping as a welly was lost to the merciless moorland mud and stopping to throw a few snowballs. One lone strip of snow had remained on the side of a clough. Two and half weeks after the last snowfall.

Finally reaching the cover of the woods along Snake Pass. We regrouped, looking sodden but not deterred we made our approach to the cars. The laughs continued as someone slid somewhat gracefully down a muddy bank only to collapse in a tangled heap at the bottom (only you, dude!).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is;

We had another fantastically successful (Hi)ke in the beautiful Peak District. A great group of people all keen and eager, whatever the weather where out there getting it done! Although I would quite like a bit of sunshine for the next one.

A massive thanks to everyone that came along and kept smiling. Here's to (Hi)ke 06.





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