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(Hi)ke 07

Yes you read that correctly……(Hi)ke returns in 2019 with a lovely jaunt around White, Curbar and Froggatt Edges.

This location is truly spectacular. As always the diverse landscape of the Peak District is beautiful. Here we’ll find open moorland and ancient woodlands, interspersed with epic Gritstone edges that overlook the picturesque valleys below. With any luck the deer will be out too.

Oh…..there is also a pub at the end and a cake and coffee stop half way round……Perfect? It just might be.

As usual we will meet at 10am before setting off for what will be, roughly, a Four Hour circular walk. If bad weather comes in this can be shortened to suite the desires of the group.

For complete details and our exact meeting point sign up using the form below.

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(Hi)ke 06

*Woop woop*. (Hi)ke takes on the summer heat with a jaunt to Three Shires Head. Who's going to take the plunge?

As the name suggest, Three Shires Head is the meeting point of the three counties that reside within the Peak District National Park; Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. The old pack horse bridge; dating to the 18th Century and a Grade II-listed structure, has long carried people and animals from one county to another. Keeping them dry above the swirling waters of the River Dane.

Meeting at 10am this walk will be one of the least strenuous we have taken. However, the delights along the way are fantastic. I estimate it will take about three hours to complete.

Fingers crossed the weather is still hot and sunny so we can allow a little time for a quick, refreshing dip in pools beneath the bridge.

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(Hi)ke 05: Post Fixture Analysis

Ten o'clock and the sun was trying to burn off the heavy morning mist that often dwells over Lady clough woods. As we grouped we all felt confident of good conditions; in the woods we were soon stripping back layers.

The route was boggy amongst the trees, the heavy rain the week before had reeked havoc. We slipped and slid our way in the direction of the moors. 

Bleaklow's large, heather strewn expanse is a stark contrast to the babbling brook side of Lady Clough. The name Bleaklow is very apt for the area as it can be extremely bleak. High and exposed; open for miles around, the weather can be seen rolling in on the horizon. That is exactly what happened as we approached the crash site of "Over Exposed". Waterproofs on we spent a while looking around before heading on to Higher Shelf Stones.

We turned back in the direction of home; heads down as we faced into the heavy rain.

The rain continued for most of the walk back making the paths extra slippy and the waterfall crossings even less enticing than they previously were. Despite this our group was in high sprits, wooping as a welly was lost to the merciless moorland mud and stopping to throw a few snowballs. One lone strip of snow had remained on the side of a clough. Two and half weeks after the last snowfall.

Finally reaching the cover of the woods along Snake Pass. We regrouped, looking sodden but not deterred we made our approach to the cars. The laughs continued as someone slid somewhat gracefully down a muddy bank only to collapse in a tangled heap at the bottom (only you, dude!).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is;

We had another fantastically successful (Hi)ke in the beautiful Peak District. A great group of people all keen and eager, whatever the weather where out there getting it done! Although I would quite like a bit of sunshine for the next one.

A massive thanks to everyone that came along and kept smiling. Here's to (Hi)ke 06.





(Hi)ke 05

Roll up, roll up; for the one you've all been asking for.......Lady Clough woods to Bleaklow moor and the Over Exposed crash site.

I'm finally giving in to demand and organising another trip up to this fantastic Peak District location. The first time we visited it was a beautiful summers day; this time around I'm hoping for spring with a touch of snow. I guess we'll have to see how that works out.

We'll meet at 10am, just off Snake Pass/A57. From there the route takes us down into the pines of Ladyclough before rising out towards the vast expanse of Bleaklow moor. The walk should take around 3-4 hours depending on conditions and stoppages. The path is a little tricky in places so those that apply will need to be sure footed. Especially if the weather conditions stay the same as we've had lately. One of the easiest ways to see the current conditions in the Peak District is to view the webcams. You can find them HERE and HERE

Here's a few pictures from my previous visits. Some hot, some cold. Who knows what we'll get this time?

Sign up below for information on our meeting location and a few of the things you'll need to bring along

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(Hi)ke 04

(Hi)ke is back for it's fourth instalment, this time with a visit to Wetton and Thors cave. A five and a half mile circular route around some lovely countryside.

Starting amongst the hilly farmland of Wetton we walk into the valley and take a steady jaunt along the rivers banks culminating at Thor's cave where we'll have a chance to explore before heading back to the cars and maybe a pint.

The meeting time will be 10am; aiming to set off around 10.30. The route should take around three hours.

Please fill in the following form and I will email the meeting location and some additional information. 

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(Hi)ke 03 : Post Fixture Analysis

It has been over a month since (Hi)ke 03 and it would be remiss of me to not get some photos up and say thanks.

As it has been so long I'll refrain from spinning some ill remembered tale and keep it short.

I think (Hi)ke 03 has been my favourite walk so far. The Roaches and Ludd's Church really have a wow factor, no matter how often you visit them. We had another fantastic group and everyone got stuck in; despite the rain. Thankfully the sun broke through later on and we were treated to great views with dramatic clouds. Watching the rain approach in the distance.

A massive thank you to everyone that came along. You make it all worthwhile. *Wells up*

Seriously though it was a pleasure to play tour guide. Bring on 04. Agreed?   

(Hi)ke 03: The Roaches

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, It's that time again!

The Roaches in Staffordshire will be the destination for (Hi)ke 03. A diverse area of woodland, farmland and rocky escarpments.

The walk itself will be eleven kilometres (seven miles), estimated to take four to five hours. It's pretty easy going, just a good distance. There is a short climb to the ridge but after that the ground levels out.

From the top we'll head toward the highest point before descending into the woodland of (I kid you not) Forest Wood. Nestled in there amongst the trees is Lud's Church. An eighteen metre deep, one hundred metre long chasm. Its lush vigitation and cool, damp atmosphere make it feel like a scene from Jurassic Park. As you can imagine its quite boggy around there after rain.

After that the route takes us on a different path back the way we came. Allowing us to take in the views we turned our backs on at the start.

The meeting place is Roach Road(LINK) at 10am, ready to leave at 10.30am. The parking is road side and clearly marked. 

If it hasn't forecast good weather for our time frame then the route can be shortened. Possibly driving from one site to another...? This decision I will make closer to the date, or we can decide on the day. I will keep everyone informed.

Please bring along the following:

  • A sturdy pair of walking boots/shoes.
  • A waterproof jacket, perhaps trousers too, if you have them. 
  • Enough water and snacks to sustain yourself.
  • A Change of clothes is always a good idea. It's only getting muddier at the moment.
  • A sense of adventure and a smile.

As always, if you're planning to attend or have any questions please fill out the form below.

See you on the hill.


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(Hi)ke 02: Post fixture analysis.

(Hi)ke 02 went off without a hitch. Lovely mild temperatures and moody cloud cover were the order of the day; our ten strong group staying dry throughout. At this time of year the latter isn't a given.

Our little team quickly devoured the sharp climb through the woods, finally emerging onto the moor. Our destination of Shining tor just visible through the low laying clouds. Onwards we walked following the old Roman road, known as The Street, up to Cats Tor. At this point we took a left along the ridge line towards the summit. 

The mile long walk along this stunning ridge passed quickly. We stopped and admired the views a couple of times; Chesire on our right, Derbyshire on our left and views over Manchester behind us. That's not forgetting the huge satellite dish at Jodrell Bank Observatory; prominent along the Chesire skyline.

Upon reaching the terminus of Shining Tor we took a breather, ate and goofed around until everyone had cooled down enough to want to move again.

As we walked the flagstones along the trail somebody mentioned a beer. The group quickly resolved the issue, sighting the Cat and Fiddle pub in the distance. Unbeknown to us it had closed down. Thankfully, as luck would have it, just a few metres back the way we'd come was a delightful café. You should have heard the rumbles of excitement as one by one we spotted the homemade cakes laid out adjacent to the entrance.

An hour later; full of cakes, tea and delightful local(ish) beer we set forth again. By now the cloud had really come in to enclose our position.

From here we walked back down the valley side as views over Errwood Reservoir opened up in front of us. Again we took a left off the direct path. This time heading down Shooters Clough in search of the remains of Errwood Hall. 

Built in 1830 for wealthy Manchester Businessman Samuel Grimshawe and occupied by his family for a hundred years; Errwood Hall today is sadly just a few walls and a foundation block, a ghost of it's once grand presence.  

After spending some time looking around the remnants of the hall and a visit to the Grimshawe family grave we moved on. Just as the midges started to get bitey.

We headed back towards the car park along the shore of the reservoir. Taking in the views and stopping to help a stranded beetle.  

If nobody else had fun I can certainly say that I did. A great group of people, enjoying the outdoors, laughing and smiling as we went. For me that is exactly what (Hi)ke is all about. Many thanks to all of those that came along.


If you fancy coming along to the next trip keep an eye on my social media. Details coming soon.

(Hi)ke 2: Goyt Valley

(Hi)ke returns with a trip around the beautiful Goyt Valley, Derbyshire.

Autumn is upon us and the Peak District is looking as good as ever. The heather is purple, the greens are vivid and the walking is inviting.

Join me for a walk in the dramatic valley landscape of Goyt. We'll meet at 10am, in the Goyt Valley Car Park (LINK), aiming to set off around 10.30am.

The walk is 8km (5 miles) and should take between three and four hours. There are a couple of moderate hills at the beginning but after that it's easy going. Here's what you'll need to bring along:

  • A sturdy pair of walking boots/shoes.
  • A waterproof jacket, perhaps trousers too if you have them. 
  • Enough water and snacks to sustain yourself. If it's going to be really hot bring extra water.
  • A hat and Sunscreen if the weather calls for it.
  • A sense of adventure and whatever camera you like.

If you are planning to attend or have any questions please get in touch via the form below.

I hope to see you on the hill.

Name *

Hi(ke) 01

UPDATE: Following my recce mission this last weekend I have to make an amendment to the plan. Some parts of the hike are still pretty wet, especially on top of Bleaklow moor. As this is the case we will have to take a slightly longer route. For that reason I want to make you all aware that I now estimate a time of four to six hours with the route coming in at around twelve kilometres; roughly eight miles. If the weather and visibility are as good as they were yesterday (2/7/17) it will be a fantastic day in the great outdoors. I cannot wait!


I am very happy to announce my first guided Hi(ke) through the Peak District. Come along and say "hi" on Saturday 8th July.

Meeting at 10am in Hope Woodland carpark we'll head out along the stream in Lady Clough woodland; destined for Bleaklow Moor. Once out on the moor we'll explore along the Pennine way before cutting back towards the crash site of "Over-Exposed" and Higher Shelf Stones; finally returning to our starting location. 

I estimate the walk to be around four hours long, give or take group numbers and stoppages. The walk it's self is twelve kilometres and suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness but there will be nothing too strenuous .

What you'll need to bring:

  • A sturdy pair of walking boots/shoes.
  • A waterproof jacket, perhaps trousers too if you have them. 
  • Enough water and snacks to sustain yourself. If it's going to be really hot bring extra water.
  • A hat and Sunscreen if the weather calls for it.
  • A sense of adventure and whatever camera you like.

If you'd like to attend or have any further questions please get in touch. I am happy to help.

Name *





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